Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada (MESCA)


Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., established in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, markets an extensive line of commercial, industrial and consumer electronics products. With 80 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and construction. At Klass Mechanical Sales, we specialize in the distribution of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and heating systems; energy recovery and fresh air ventilators, as well as high-speed hand dryers.


Mr. Slim or M-Series is a product line from Mitsubishi Electric Canada that provides compact, quiet and energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for residential environments. Mitsubishi’s M-Series provides a variety of solutions including ducted or ductless and single or multi-split systems. With the Mitsubishi commitment to quality alongside Energy Star Certification, the Mr. Slim product line offers energy efficient solutions for single or multi-zone configurations. Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) technology enables accurate and effective temperature control with the usage of minimal energy. This product line also comes in a variety of installation configurations for both air conditioning and heat pump systems.

City Multi.png

City Multi, a product line from Mitsubishi Electric, combines energy efficiency, comfort cooling and heating for projects of all sizes. With Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and zonal climate control, the City Multi product line offers simultaneous heating and cooling from water or air sourced heat pumps. City Multi Systems have been proudly operated around the world for over 20 years, upholding Mitsubishi’s commitment to quality and reliability. These systems provide flexibility in installation for both new construction and retrofit projects.


PremiSys is a Mitsubishi Product line of designated outdoor air systems (DOAS) for commercial environments. These semi-customizable units provide rooftop ventilation, optional energy recovery and have both traditional and VRF applications. By having a separate DOAS system, air quality, humidity, and temperature can be better regulated while increasing energy savings. PremiSys units can be integrated with the City Multi product line and are suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects.


Lossnay, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric offers energy recovery solutions and air quality improvement. With the ability to recover up to 70% of energy, Lossnay also improves the efficiency of air conditioning systems by preheating or precooling incoming air accordingly. In addition, these ventilators help balance room humidity, purify the air, and have VRF applications. With flexibility for installation, Lossnay provides a premier energy recovery solution to meet the needs of any project.


Climaveneta is a leading product line of Mitsubishi Electric in central climate control systems and Process Cooling. They have 45 years’ experience, providing products and value adding services in the most demanding projects worldwide. They provide outdoor reversible air source heat pump for the production of chilled or hot water, with hermetic rotary scroll compressors, axial fans and plate heat exchangers.



RenewAire manufactures Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) products for the home and for buildings of all types and sizes. Stale air is exhausted to the outdoors while fresh air is brought indoors. In RenewAire’s ERV core, airstreams are kept physically separate, but heat and humidity pass efficiently from one airstream to the other. This “passive” energy exchange moderates temperature and humidity extremes, and reduces the size of conventional heating and air conditioning equipment, while lowering energy costs.


RenewAire ERV units are available in a variety of ready-to-build product configurations and are produced using “Quick Response Manufacturing” to meet customer delivery schedules. Their technically oriented sales staff work with approximately 350 select HVAC distributors to meet today’s demands for energy efficient fresh air ventilation. RenewAire is based in Madison, Wisconsin and operates out of a LEED Certified manufacturing facility using 100% wind power produced electricity.



In 1972, Marvair began producing wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps.  The company has grown from a regional company to a manufacturer of products used worldwide. In 1997, they became part of Airxcel, Inc. of Wichita, Kansas and are now the Marvair division of Airxcel, Inc. Today, Airxcel, Inc. is the parent company for all operations, and the company has been divided into divisions and has over 1100 employees, with manufacturing facilities in Kansas, Tennessee and Georgia. The Marvair division manufactures Air Conditioning, Heating and Heat Pump products for a range of markets.  Some of these markets include IT, telecommunications, education and marine.


A division of Airxcel, Industrial Climate Engineering (ICE) provides a variety of specialty climate control systems ideal for electronic and mechanical equipment rooms. These units are offered with both standard and custom design, varying BTU specifications and can support cooling when external temperatures are 15ºC or lower. Additionally, ICE manufactures explosion-proof equipment and uses R-140A, a non-ozone diminishing refrigerant.

United Cool Air


Established in 1988, United Cool Air (UCA) is a manufacturer based out of York Pennsylvania and has been a leader in producing all-indoor solutions for cooling. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, UCA is a full-service provider of unique and complex HVAC systems that provide customers with built to order systems, in both permanent and temporary configurations. UCA provides the latest in control and design technologies.

Custom Air Products (CAPS)

CAPS based in Texas occupies a modern manufacturing facility, totaling 300,000 sq. ft. They have the expertise to design, build, manufacture, control and coat & paint air conditioning and heating products for commercial and industrial applications. CAPS products and services are provided to customers around the world.