National Music Centre


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Studio Bell is home to the National Music Centre, a vibrant museum and recording studio in Calgary's East Village. This unique five-story building includes a recording facility, broadcast studio, live music venus and museum all while being a performance hall. By being the first building of its kind in North America, Studio Bell encapsulates over 450 years of Canadian music history through exhibits, performance, artist development and music education. 


Klass Mechanical provided over 200 tons of cooling to the National Music Centre in downtown Calgary. Mitsubishi Electric water cooled City Multi units were used to cool restaurants, common spaces, recording studios and offices. Precision cooling systems, using Schneider Electric and Liebert units were used to maintain temperature and humidity control for the multiple exhibits. The project was completed in 2017. 


Engineer: Stantec 

Project Size: 160,000 sq.ft

Location: Calgary, Alberta


Le Germain

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Le Germain is an elegant building in the heart of downtown, near the Calgary Tower. The base of the building inhabits beautiful office spaces and a luxurious boutique hotel. Above, are stunning residential condominiums with a view of the city. 


Klass Mechanical provided over 225 tons of cooling to the Le Germain building. The office spaces were geothermally heated and cooled utilizing a Mitsubishi Electric PQRY ground sourced VRF system. This project was completed in 2009. 


Engineer: Génécor Québec

Project Size: 310,000 sq.ft

Location: Calgary, Alberta


Rogers Place                                                                                                      


Rogers Place is home to the Edmonton Oilers and is an innovative and energy-efficient stadium with LEED Silver Certification. LEED certification assesses a building's water and energy efficiency, material selection, innovative design and indoor air quality. Since September 2016, Rogers Place has served as Edmonton's venue for sports games, UFC fights, concerts and more. 


Klass Mechanical provided over 190 tons of cooling to demarcation, audio, fire command, elevator machine and electrical rooms. Mitsubishi Electric's ductless split City Multi systems allowed for easy installation and configuration flexibility in this project. Additionally, to adhere to LEED certification standards, heat expelled from electrical and machine rooms were recovered to heat the underground garage. 


Engineer: ME Engineers/Hemisphere Engineering Inc.

Project Size: 1,110,900 sq.ft

Location: Edmonton, Alberta 


Fort McMurray Airport


Opened in June 2014, the Fort McMurray International Airport's newest terminal is a thing of beauty. The $258-million dollar terminal is at least three times larger than it's older counterpart and features four aircraft bridges and eight aircraft parking stands. The terminal is a one-of-a-kind, environmentally sustainable facility built for the harsh northern climate. 


The air terminal building is climate controlled by Mitsubishi Electric double heat recovery water source systems, utilizing state of the art variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology. These systems provide building comfort conditions by allowing simultaneous heating and cooling operation as required at various locations in the building while at the same time maximizing building energy efficiency. Computerized control and energy management programs optimize the energy recovery process to ensure the least possible energy consumption and minimizing operation costs. 


Engineer: Stantec

Project Size: 161,458 sq. ft

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Wyndham Gardens Airport

Exterior Day - Copy.jpg

Opened in October 2015 and located only minutes away from the Calgary International Airport, the Wyndham Hotel has become an uncovered jewel in the city's hospitality scene. The building is highlighted by a complex central climate control system that earned Klass Mechanical Sales the award for City Multi Project of the Year. 


The specifications asked for equipment that ran as quietly as possible, due to the hotel's proximity to the airport. After considering PTAC units and ruling them to be too loud, a City Multi VRF system was installed. The feedback since opening from both the customers and staff have been positive, namely that the rooms have been quite comfortable and quiet. 

Engineer: ACE Group 

Project Size: 40,000 sq.ft

Location: Calgary, Alberta 

GNWT New Office Building

GNWT Yellowknife.jpg

The project will incorporate high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, heat recovery ventilation systems, direct digital controls, and energy-efficient lighting. 


The project will also include a new biomass heating system which will connect to the Stuart M. Hodgson and Laing Buildings. This system is estimated to displace approximately 274,000 litres of heating oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 785 tonnes annually. 

Contractor: Clark Builders 

Project Size: 6,000 sq.ft

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 


Repsol Sport Centre, formerly known as the Talisman Centre, is a multi-sports complex located near the Stampede grounds. With 3 pools, 2 tracks, 5 gyms and over 25,000 sq. ft of fitness spaces, Repsol provides a premier venue for Calgary's sports community. 


Klass Mechanical provided air conditioning systems and Florida Heat Pump (FHP) water to water heat pumps for heat recovery and dehumidification in the aquatic facility. 


Engineer: Williams Engineering 

Project Size: 130,000 sq. ft

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Repsol Sport Centre