Fort McMurray Airport

The new Fort McMurray International Airport serves as a significant gateway for visitors and residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Northern Alberta. The area is known for its stunning geography, including the Boreal Forest, the Prairies, and the Northern Lights. With extreme seasonal temperatures ranging from -40C to +30C, it is also home to a booming oil sands industry that has driven remarkable growth, expected to double the population by 2030. This has fostered diversity within the community and attracted a large transient population of resource-based job seekers who frequently fly back to their home communities between work cycles.

Architect:        office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers
Engineer:        Stantec
Project Size:   1,110,900 sq.ft
Location:         Fort McMurray, Alberta

double heat recovery water source systems

State-of-the-art portal for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Northern Alberta

The Fort McMurray International Airport’s newest terminal, opened in June 2014, is a stunning facility that is designed to be environmentally sustainable and withstand the harsh northern climate. The terminal, which cost $258 million, is three times larger than its older counterpart and includes four aircraft bridges and eight aircraft parking stands.
To ensure optimal climate control within the terminal, Mitsubishi Electric double heat recovery water source systems are utilized. These state-of-the-art systems incorporate variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, allowing for simultaneous heating and cooling operations in different areas of the building. This not only ensures comfort for passengers and staff but also maximizes energy efficiency.
The energy recovery process is further optimized through computerized control and energy management programs. These programs minimize energy consumption and operating costs, making the terminal a cost-effective and environmentally friendly facility.

Fort McMurray International Airport