Humidity Control

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IER Electric Steam Humidifier

IER humidifier by steamOvap is an electric steam generator that uses water immersed resistive heating elements to produce pure and sterile steam.

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ISE Steam exchange humidifier

ISE steam exchange humidifier from steamOvap uses energy from a central boiler to produce pure, sterile steam that is easy to distribute into the air handling unit or ventilation duct.

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ILS Live Steam humidifier

The ILS humidifier by steamOvap is a live steam humidifier utilizing central steam boiler steam. It conditions and distributes steam in air handling units or air ducts. You can choose from two models: ILS-P with steam jacketed horizontal ramps or ILS-SO with a vertical multi-ramp steam grid called steamOsorb.

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Steam Distribution

Whether you opt for the standard single ramp or the high-efficiency SteamOsorb multi-ramp configuration, Steamovap products guarantee a seamless and secure steam distribution process.

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ACA Compressed Air & Water atomizer

CA by steamOvap is an atomizing humidifier & cooler that uses patented nozzle producing a “solid con” jet of micro droplets (2 to 4μm size) as a uniform “dry fog” which evaporates quickly into the air.

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AEM Evaporative humidifier/air cooler

AEM Evaporative humidifier and cooler using media is designed to be installed in Air Handling Unit (AHU) or ventilation duct. Air passing through the wet media is getting humidifier and cooled down naturally. It is one of the oldest cooling technology and also the most sustainable one.

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Humidity Controls & Others

Steamovap provides an extensive selection of humidity control options, ranging from duct hi limit RH% switches and duct air proving switches to toom or duct humidity sensors, room humidity controllers, and floor leak switches.

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Water Filtration

Steamovap water filters are designed with advanced filtration technology, offering up to four stages of filtration along with catalytic water conditioners.