Le Germain Hotel Calgary

Situated in the heart of downtown, The Germain Calgary enjoys an exceptional location. Nestled on the corner of 9th Avenue and Centre Street, this hotel is conveniently close to all the city’s attractions. It is just steps away from the iconic Calgary Tower and within minutes of the Convention Centre and numerous cultural institutions. Setting itself apart from other Germain hotels, it is directly connected to the city’s elevated pedestrian walkways, providing seamless access. What makes it truly special is that its lobby features a captivating two-story glass wall facing the bustling main commercial street, creating a dynamic connection between the hotel and the vibrant cityscape.

Architect:        LEMAYMICHAUD Montréal
Engineer:        Génécor Québec
Project Size:   310,000 sq.ft
Location:         Calgary, Alberta

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The new Le Germain Hotel Calgary: Luxury, serenity and innovation

Located in the bustling heart of downtown Calgary, the Le Germain building stands as an elegant architectural marvel. With its prime location near the iconic Calgary Tower, this distinguished structure is home to a harmonious blend of elements. The lower portion of the building showcases exquisite office spaces that exude sophistication and offer a conducive environment for productivity. Complementing the offices, there is a luxurious boutique hotel, where guests can indulge in a refined and pampering experience.

One crucial aspect of the Le Germain building’s infrastructure is its efficient cooling system, which ensures optimal comfort for its occupants. Klass Mechanical, a trusted provider of HVAC solutions, played a significant role in this regard. In the project, Klass Mechanical delivered over 225 tons of cooling capacity, a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence.

To achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly approach, the office spaces within the Le Germain building were equipped with a geothermal heating and cooling system. This innovative solution relied on a Mitsubishi Electric PQRY ground-sourced Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. By tapping into the earth’s natural thermal energy, the geothermal system efficiently regulated the temperature, providing a comfortable and environmentally friendly atmosphere for the building’s occupants.

The completion of this remarkable project took place in 2009, showcasing the forward-thinking vision and meticulous execution that went into the construction of the Le Germain building. Through the collaboration of esteemed professionals and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the building stands as a testament to architectural excellence and sustainable practices in the heart of downtown Calgary.

Le Germain Hotel Calgary