National Music Centre of Canada

Calgary is establishing itself as a vibrant music city with the opening of the National Music Centre. This innovative institution serves as a museum, performance venue, music education center, recording studio, and broadcast center, showcasing the diverse music of Canada. Located in Calgary’s historic East Village, the NMC, along with the restored King Edward Hotel, is revitalizing the district and drawing in visitors from across the nation and around the world.

The Certified LEED Gold building comprises of nine interconnected towers, each highlighting the diverse range of programs, collections, and offerings available at the Centre. Clad in glazed terra cotta, both on the interior and exterior, the design captures the essence of the prairie’s earthy tones and luminosity. This formal and material expression not only provides a visually striking appearance but also enables a multitude of dynamic perspectives and connections to the surrounding environment.

Architect:        Allied Works Architecture
Engineer:        Stantec, ARUP
Project Size:   160,000 sq.ft
Location:         Calgary, Alberta

City Multi Units, Schneider Electric and Liebert units

A new home for Studio Bell

Klass Mechanical played a vital role in the successful cooling installation at the National Music Centre located in downtown Calgary. We ensured the delivery of over 200 tons of cooling capacity, contributing to the optimal functioning of this iconic institution.

To achieve efficient cooling throughout the facility, we employed Mitsubishi Electric water-cooled City Multi units. These state-of-the-art units were strategically utilized to cool various areas within the National Music Centre, including restaurants, common spaces, recording studios, and offices. By utilizing these advanced cooling solutions, Klass Mechanical ensured a comfortable and conducive environment for both staff and visitors.

In addition to the general cooling requirements, precision cooling systems were employed to maintain precise temperature and humidity control for the multiple exhibits showcased at the National Music Centre. Schneider Electric and Liebert units were integrated into the design, guaranteeing that delicate and sensitive musical artifacts were preserved in ideal conditions, ensuring their longevity and optimal display.

The project, completed in 2017, exemplified the successful collaboration between Klass Mechanical and Stantec Engineers. By providing effective cooling solutions tailored to the unique needs of each area, Klass Mechanical played a crucial role in ensuring the overall functionality and preservation of the facility. Through our expertise and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, we contributed to creating an environment that enhances the visitor experience and safeguards the valuable musical heritage on display.


National Music Centre of Canada