MNP Community and Sport Centre

The MNP Community and Sport Centre, located at the entrance to downtown Calgary, is a dynamic hub for various activities and sporting excellence. It is a versatile aquatic and fitness complex, catering to diverse needs and serving as a gathering place for both competitive athletes and recreational enthusiasts. With its inclusive atmosphere, this facility fosters a sense of community, encouraging social interactions and providing shared experiences. Positioned strategically and equipped with comprehensive amenities, the MNP Community and Sport Centre fulfills the diverse needs of Calgarians, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle for all.

Architect:        Johnston Sport Architecture Inc.(Cannon Design) & Gibbs Gage Architects
Engineer:        Williams Engineering
Project Size:   130,000 sq.ft
Location:         Calgary, Alberta

air conditioning systems and Florida Heat Pump

The heart of a community

The MNP Community & Sport Centre, formally known as the Repsol Sports Centre and respectively as the Talisman Centre, is a community hub that offers a wide range of amenities and activities.

Originally built in 1983, the facility boasts a spacious cardio and weight training area, an Olympic-sized dive tank, a 200-meter running track, a steam room, and even an on-site cafe. It is worth noting that the centre is also one of only two locations worldwide that can host international synchronized swimming competitions. With its diverse offerings and commitment to fostering a sense of community, the Repsol Sports Centre is a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. With 3 pools, 2 tracks, 5 gyms and over 25,000 sq. ft of fitness spaces, MNP Community & Sport Centre provides a premier venue for Calgary’s sports community. 

 Klass Mechanical provided air conditioning systems and Florida Heat Pump (FHP) water to water heat pumps for heat recovery and dehumidification in the aquatic facility. 

MNP Community & Sport Centre